Jan 19, 2010

Our suet vs. a leading brand

Here are 3 photos for you to compare. We took one of our suet cakes and a cake from another suet maker and melted them down. We strained out all the fat so that you could see the contents of both cakes.

Our Everyday blend on the left, a leading national brand on the right. You can really see the difference in quality.
our suet vs. their suet, nepo suet company, portland oregon suet
Here is a large close-up photo of the national brand's contents.
competitor's suet, our suet is better, compare with our suet
Now here is a large close-up photo of our Everyday blend suet. Which would you rather feed to your birds? There is a common myth that birds won't (or can't) eat Black-Oil Sunflower Seeds from suet. This might be true of the big, commercially produced suet cakes that often sit in warehouses from 6 months to over a year. However, NePo Suet is made fresh daily. We don't have a big warehouse that holds 1000's of suet cakes. When you order NePo Suet, we make the batch right then and there. By the time it reaches your backyard, it's just a couple of days old!
nepo suet company, ingredients in nepo suet, everyday blend suet
We strive to make the best suet on the market. Our suet is made in very small batches (in our own home) to insure quality and consistency and we only use the highest quality ingredients for our suet. We hear repeatedly from our customers that birds prefer our suet to any other store bought cake they have tried.

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